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Casting Black Magic Made Easy and Which Works.

Getting back to Crowley, his interest in the occult and magick continued and he proceeded in apparently innocuous activities like yoga and Tantra. Celebrities practice these activities and are viewed as some sort of New Age, peaceful actions; but their roots are more wicked than that. Although yoga is good for clearing the head, it pushes an anti-Christian concept of finding God within you, which abandons of following the true Creator Christian teachings, and glorifies the individual celebrities. The Tantric practices are another type of sex magick, which is just a ritual. These subjects will come up again, since Crowley was able to push this program of promoting the relevance of “self” over faith. Casting Black Magic Made Easy and Which Works.

Continuing his dabbling into occult and magick rituals, in 1899 the Boleskine House was bought by him at the Loch Ness in Scotland in which to perform intense seances to be able to convey with the dead. He would perform Abraham Magick to be able to invoke angelic spirits and make them bad, black powers. This Loch Ness is the same body of water in the Scottish Highlands the creature ‘Nessy’ is rumored to inhabit, leading me to wonder if it’sn’t some sort of primeval creature. The Boleskine house had all of the properties that Crowley found essential because it really is a focus of energy to perform magick rituals. The sand encircling it allowed Crowley to see the foot prints of the beasts he would invoke. The house itself was named after the Babylonian Ba’al; in the Bible children were sacrificed by the Canaanites to who, who’s the same thing that we see symbolized with the devil horns (Moloch). This amount (Ba’al, is not long for Beelzebub, or Baal Zebub; the Devil) is the same thing that is supplied with forfeits to this day at the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Attention ceremonies.

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Residents of the region where Boleskine was located reported seeing demons around the property and the Devil bypassing across the yard. Two workers at the house committed suicide while working at the estate. Jimmy Page from the rock band Led Zeppelin would later buy the house due to his fondness of the occult and Crowley, and would go on to say he saw a severed floating head on the property as well. Individuals consider that the rituals were never properly finished by Crowley and the spirits are still roaming about the house. Casting Black Magic Made Easy and Which Works.

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The best way to Create Real Magic With Psychic Charm Power.

How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Power.

Possibly the most important application of yoga for the alleviation of TOS is using it to loosen a special pair of the scalenus anterior, neck muscles and the scalenus medius, since they can create or aggravate TOS in several ways.

Scalenus medius muscles and the scalenus anterior join the sides of the neck to the top of the rib cage. The two muscles overlap near the neck and diverge slightly as they go down toward the first rib, opening a narrow, triangular gap between them. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Charm Power.

The nerves that serve the hand slip by means of this opening after they come from the side of the neck. From there, they join the main artery to the arm (the subclavian artery), as it traverses the crowded passage between the first rib and the clavicle. The chief vein that carries blood from the arm to the heart (the subclavian vein) additionally passes over the first rib and under the clavicle, but it takes an even more constricted course, between the breastbone and the scalenus anterior tendon. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Charm Power.

Spots that are tight

This congested shape provides plenty of chance for the scalenus anterior and scalenus medius muscles to make mischief. If whiplash, repetitive anxiety, or other injury injures the scalenes, scar tissue may form, which makes them more stiff and thickens the muscles farther, and this may also cause nerve compression. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Charm Ability.

TOS symptoms can also be created if the nerves get trapped in that scar tissue instead of gliding through muscles during normal arm and neck movements, the motions cause the nerves to overstretch. And tight scalenes can pull the first rib up so high it pinches subclavian vein against the clavicle, and the nerves, subclavian artery, creating more tingling, numbness, pain, and possibly even discoloration in your hands or arms.

To alleviate TOS symptoms brought on by compression or overstretching of the nerves and blood vessels that function the hand, you will want to slowly break down scar tissue within the scalenes, create more space between them, and stretch them enough to lower the first rib away from the clavicle. One tactic that is logical is to use yoga to relax, soften, and gradually lengthen both of these muscles. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Power.

To help relax and lengthen the scalenes, use breathing exercises. The scalenes can stretch by correcting forward-head misalignment in standing poses, getting your neck and head backwards in backbends, or sidebending your neck. It’s also possible to modify classical yoga postures, and the teachings in the section “Opening Move” describe how exactly to do this in an altered and supported version of Matsyasana (Fish Pose).

The best way to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Power.Since both the central and anterior scalenes connect the side of the neck to the front half of the first rib, you extend them most directly by simultaneously backbending and sidebending the neck while transferring the first rib down and away in the opposite direction. You will use your hands to pull on the top rib cage down and away from the direction of neck bending, to move the first rib correctly in the modified Matsyasana. You’ll augment the downward motion of the first rib by exhaling firmly to engage the internal intercostal muscles, the abdominal muscles, and other muscles that pull the rib cage down.

The combined backbend-sidebend of your neck in this modified Matsyasana may be challenging, so move slowly and cease if it’s not comfortable. Don’t reach your arms out to the sides because this could overstretch the nerves that run to the neck from the arms while your head is back. Also, make sure to center your head before departing the pose or changing sides.

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